Jeveka is known as a reliable specialist in the Black SCREWS

Every batch of Jextar is tested and all batches are provided with a 3.V. “Every screw tested easily exceeds these values, but we decided to stay on the safe side and guarantee 900N/mm²,” explained Adriaan Veltkamp, owner and Black SCREWS Manufacturers managing director at Jeveka B.Jeveka has M3 through M8 available from stock and if the market demands it, the range is expected to expand. Adriaan Veltkamp added: “

We decided to wait with taking Jextar to the market until we tested all sizes and had them available from stock.1 certificate. After extensive research and testing Jeveka B.

The new Jextar is a high-quality, high strength stainless steel cap screw of A4-80 quality with a tensile strength of over 900N/mm².V says it has succeeded in developing a screw that is up to the requirements of the market. Jeveka is known as a reliable specialist in the field of fasteners with over 80 years of experience – we want to live up to our trustworthy reputation.

There are fasteners on the market to accommodate the need, but they are expensive and often not readily available.”. The products from M4 and larger have a head marking of J900, M3 has a J for Jextar and all have full traceability.Jextar – a new champion in stainless steel 25 June 2018 In many critical applications fasteners need to be stainless steel, but standard A4-80 just isn’t strong enough


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